Christian Coaching is a rapidly growing new discipline. But if you want Christian coach training or to build life coaching skills, how do you sort out the truly useful books and resources from the chaff? At Coach22, we've read and professionally reviewed what's out there in the coach training and Christian Life Coaching worlds, and handpicked only the best books, training resources and coaching courses to help you become the best coach you can be.
Questions for Jesus
by Tony Stoltzfus
135 pages, softcover
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Want to bring God encounters into your coaching--and your relationship with Jesus? Stop praying about the business ("God, what do you want me to do?") and learn to pray about the relationship ("Jesus, here's what I like about you: ____. What do you like most about me?") with a master of engaging the heart as your guide.

Questions for Jesus by master coach Tony Stoltzfus takes you on a journey of learning how to pray and coach around your deepest desires. Written in a devotional format, this book takes heart-level conversation with Jesus to a new level.

Questions for Jesus shows how Jesus spoke to the deepest desires of those he met--and how he can do so for you. Built around 52 passages in Matthew where Jesus touches desires, each meditation offers five powerful, heart-level questions that will help you enter into the passage and receive what your heart most longs to hear.

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A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups
by Randall Neighbour
95 pages
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In this quick read, Randall Neighbour, a leader in the small group movement, tackles one of the biggest problems in small group coaching: building the kind of relationships with small group leaders that make them want to meet with you. What your leaders need most is a friend who will support them in ministry and help their group achieve its goals. This pocket guide provides excellent tips for time management, preventing discouragement, investing in leaders for maximum impact, and your role in developing new leaders from the groups you support. If you embrace the simple principles found in this book, you’ll become the kind of coach that makes small group ministry a life-changing experience for everyone involved.

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A Leader's Life Purpose Bundle
By Tony Stoltzfus!
Christian Life Coaching Handbook plus A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook
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This set is a great introduction to life coaching and working with destiny discovery, and includes materials for you and your coaching client:

Both include the same 60 destiny discovery exercises. The Workbook contains basic descriptions of life purpose concepts, along with blank copies of the exercises for the client to fill in; while the Handbook adds in-depth descriptions, sample coaching dialogs, and filled-in exercise examples to show how people respond in real life.

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How to Ask Great Questions
by Karen Lee Thorp
71 pages

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This short, practical volume offers a wealth of great tips and techniques for constructing excellent coaching questions. While not a coaching book per se (it is targeted at small group coaches or leaders), How to Ask Great Questions covers quite a few of the bread and butter asking techniques coaches use: open and closed questions, probing questions, asking about what's significant, and bringing out people's inner thoughts and true feelings.

The best feature of the book is that it includes example after example of great questions created for specific scenarios or situations. Any coach (and especially beginners, coaches in training or small group coaches) could benefit from having How to Ask Great Questions handy.

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Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills
by Tony Stoltzfus
100 pages, Large Format
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Want to perfect your asking skills with the help of a master coach? Coaching Questions is the best-selling asking resource for both coaches in training and seasoned professionals. This comprehensive toolkit is packed with dozens of asking tools, models and exercises, covering everything from conversational models, options and obstacles to advanced asking skills like reframing, tolerations and decision strategies (click here to view the Table of Contents). Each questioning technique is described, then illustrated with coaching question examples (over 1,000 in all), asking tips and practice exercises. This reference guide is one you'll turn to again and again.

Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills $13.99 On Sale!Tony Stoltzfus - Coaching Foundations Bundle $98.99 On Sale!
The Calling Journey
by Tony Stoltzfus
188 pages
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The Calling Journey fills a vital need for coaches by mapping out the progression of stages and transitions God moves us through on the road to our call. This path includes predictable mountains to scale and painful, disorienting valleys all leaders must navigate to fulfill their destiny. Each stage has a unique growth agenda, and Tony shows how to coach each stage differently to line up with what God is doing in that season.

Filled with examples from the lives of biblical and contemporary leaders and overflowing with insight on how God works through our circumstances, The Calling Journey will provide a powerful perspective on your own journey and a great set of tools to work with those you coach.

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The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training (Download)
by Linda Hedberg
106 pages
Up-to-date research on Christian coach training schools, updated for 2016
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The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training is a one-of-a-kind objective review that gives you the facts on over a dozen different Christian coach training programs. If you need help choosing the training program that fits your needs, your budget, and who you want to coach, this e-book is the place to start.

If you are thinking about investing the time and money it takes to get trained as a coach, you owe it to yourself to check out this highly-recommended, up-to-date guide to Christian coach training!

“For meta-formation certification updates follow this link: updated requirements. Author Hedberg is keeping the 2016 edition through 2017.”

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Pro-Active Parent Coaching
Capturing the Heart of Your Child
by Gregory Bland
Forward by Tony Stoltzfus

174 pages
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This wonderfully-practical manual shows how to apply the coaching approach to Christian parenting. Filled with sample coaching dialogs, practice exercises and feedback from youth about how the coaching approach has impacted them, author Greg Bland shows how valuing your kids' hearts through listening and asking can transform your relationships. Written by a coach who has actually done this in his own family, this book doesn't just tell you about parent coaching: it trains you to do it.

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Tales From The Top
By Graham Alexander
240 pages

How do top business leaders become more effective? Executive coach, confidant to CEO's and catalyst for change Graham Alexander's approach is to ask the right questions to help leaders find the right answers.

In Tales from the Top, Alexander demonstrates how honest answers to effective questions propel leaders to break down barriers preventing them from operating at their highest levels of capability. After receiving his coaching, leaders:

  • Typically report a time savings of 20%-40% and estimate the improvement in their businesses has reflected 10 to 100 times the cost of coaching
  • Feel less overwhelmed and more in control
  • Become laser-sharp about priorities and more focused at work and at home
Over the course of his 25-year coaching career, Alexander has identified the 10 most common issues top-level executives face, including: Purpose in Life, Self-Awareness, Focus, and Personal Effectiveness. Each chapter deals with one of these issues as well as examples and conclusions at which other CEOs arrived, Key Principles, a Leadership Observation, and a Million-Dollar Question.
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The Invitation: Transforming the Heart through Desire Fulfilled
by Tony Stoltzfus
254 pages, softcover
Includes 4 hours of FREE video!
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This seminal book by master coach Tony Stoltzfus will take you beyond coaching behavior to working with the heart--and seeing the dramatic transformation that comes from coaching the deepest levels of the human psyche. And it includes access to four hours of FREE video of Tony coaching leaders through the techniques in the book!

The Invitation makes coaching the heart practical. Packed with stories, examples, tools, and models, its a book you'll refer to over and over again.

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Level II Coach Training Intensive | Presenter's Package v2.0 -- Download
by Tony Stoltzfus
Complete Presenter's Package with PowerPoint--Electronic Download

Take your coach training to the next level with the Level II Coach Training Intensive. This open source Presenter's Package from Coach22 provides two full days of interactive coach training sessions, and is designed to follow an introductory coaching course like Getting Started in Leadership Coaching or Peer Coach Training. The emphasis of the workshop is providing extensive practice with feedback to build confidence and competence in core coaching skills. Participants work from the book, Coaching Questions, while this Presenter's Package includes everything the trainer needs to offer the course:

  • A 75-slide PowerPoint presentation, with photos, graphics and animations (view sample slides)
  • Complete Presenter's Outlines with explanatory comments and learning objectives, keyed to the book and the PowerPoint (view sample session )
  • A Presenter's Guide with info on how to set up and promote the course
  • A Participant's Package with course schedule, sign-up form and other participant info
  • A customizable, color E-Brochure for promoting your course to participants (view e-brochure)

If you are training coaches for your organization and want to go beyond the basic courses currently available, this package is for you. As an added bonus, the course materials are provided in an Open Source format (Electronic Download) that allows you to freely use and customize them to suit your needs.

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Questions for Jesus App
from Coach22
Feature List

New! The FREE Questions for Jesus iPhone App shows you how great questions can profoundly impact your devotional life—and it teaches you a powerful tool for helping your clients encounter Jesus in your coaching sessions.

This conversational prayer and journalling app features 26 meditations (taken from the book, Questions for Jesus). The process is simple: read a meditation, choose one of the five profound questions to ask Jesus, listen while instrumental music plays, and then journal what you heard. The best part is sharing the journey with friends: you can sync up apps to pray the same question each day and text each other what you are hearing!

What sets Questions for Jesus apart from other devotional tools is what you are praying about. Instead of praying for direction or running down a prayer list, Questions for Jesus launches a two-way conversation where you are asking Jesus to fill the deepest desires of your heart--with himself! When you start talking to him like the love of your life instead of your boss, it is amazing how eager Jesus is to answer!

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Peer Coaching Facilitator's Package
by Tony Stoltzfus
Books, DVDs and Promotional Materials


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Peer Coach Training can help you build lasting, accountable peer relationships in your church, small group or team. Or, it can be the perfect way to offer introductory Christian coaching skills training. This Facilitator's Package includes everything a leader needs to offer Peer Coach Training in his or her group. The course includes an orientation plus eight 60- to 75-minute coach training sessions. A typical session features a short teaching segment plus a demonstration of a coaching skill, a debriefing time, and an application exercise where peers practice with each other. Several flexible schedules are provided for various workshop or classroom formats. (The workshop options eliminate the peer relationship component and focus solely on developing Christian coaching skills.)

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Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change Workbook
By Lilly Tryon
187 pages

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The Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change workbook was created by Lilly Tryon, a certified professional coach and registered nurse with over 25 years of experience in the field of health and wellness. This package equips those in health ministries and and anyone working with wellness issues with the coaching tools to bring about lasting change in those who desire better health and well-being.

Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change provides everything you need to lead a wellness training program with no previous coach training or experience needed. It contains notes, practice activities and discussion questions that provide a engaging and interactive learning experience. Each course facilitator needs only a Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change Facilitator Package.

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